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December 25 Is Not Only For Christian Or Christmas?

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Christmas was not among the 1st celebrations of the Christian religion, and tries to fix a date for Jesus’ date of birth did not begin until around 200 years after his death, when the Catholic Church chose to determine its traditions. Neither Irenaeus (130-202) nor Tertullian (155-230) describes this kind of observance in his lists of feasts, Origen asserted in 495 that only sinners, not saints, rejoice their birthday, and Arnobius, composing during the 13th century, strongly mocked the “birthdays” attributed to the gods.

The God’s Birthday For Other Religious

The pagan festivity observing the Natalis Solis Invicti, which reached the peak of its popularity in 274, is among the most sensible source for the date of December 25, and the utilization of solar symbolism and language to relate to the Judeo-Christian God and Christ has such a long background that pertaining its development would quickly become repetitious. The connections are numerous and incontrovertible. Thus Jesus’ birth is recognized on December 25 in Protestant, Catholic, and some Orthodox churches. The Coptic, Russian, Jerusalem, Georgian, and Serbian Orthodox Churches observe the vacation on January 7 because they rejected both the reforms of the revised Julian calendar and its successor, the Gregorian calendar.